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E-Mail Support

WinZip® provides comprehensive, easy-to-use support for compressing and e-mailing files and folders:

  • Zip and E-Mail provides "one click" compression and e-mailing of files and folders from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Just select the files or folders you want to compress and e-mail, then click the menu entry; WinZip compresses the items you selected into a Zip file and attaches the Zip file to a new e-mail message, ready for you to address and send.
  • Zip and E-Mail Plus works like Zip and E-Mail but also allows you to specify the name of the Zip file and to add encryption if desired.
  • You can quickly e-mail the currently open archive by choosing 'Send To...Mail Recipient' from WinZip's File menu.


If you frequently send e-mails with attachments using Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook Express or Windows Vista® Mail, then you should review the time-saving benefits provided by WinZip E-Mail Companion.

WinZip E-Mail Companion reduces the size of outgoing e-mails with file attachments and provides password-based AES encryption to protect confidential information within the attached files. It is the perfect tool to reduce the complexity and time it takes you to send e-mails with attachments.

For further information, please see WinZip E-Mail Companion.

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