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Pre-configured Data Backup Jobs

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WinZip makes short work of archiving your most important data. A set of pre-configured data backup jobs, quickly accessible from either the WinZip Wizard or the WinZip Classic interface, locate and Zip data files from any or all of these locations on your computer:

  • My Documents: zips the contents of your My Documents folder and all of its subfolders.
  • Desktop: zips the contents of your Desktop, including any folders that are on your Desktop.
  • Favorites: zips the contents of your Windows Favorites folder and its subfolders.
  • My E-mail: zips your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail.
  • My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and E-mail: combines all four of the above into one convenient Zip file.

You can also run custom data backup jobs that were provided to you, and WinZip Classic users can quickly create their own jobs.

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