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WinZip Power Tips

Get the most out of WinZip®! Here are some simple tips to help make you a powerful and efficient WinZip user.

Use WinZip directly from Windows Explorer or My Computer

The quickest way to use WinZip is the right click (context) menu in Windows Explorer or My Computer window.

  • To quickly and easily compress, encrypt, or zip and e-mail files, simply right click the files in an Explorer window and choose the appropriate option from the WinZip menu.
  • To extract files from an existing Zip file, right click the Zip file in a Windows Explorer window and choose one of the extract options from the WinZip menu.
  • To encrypt the contents of an existing Zip file, right click the Zip file and choose Encrypt from the WinZip menu.
  • To tailor the WinZip context menu to your specific needs and preferences, right click any file and choose "Configure" from the WinZip menu.

Split large Zip files into smaller pieces

WinZip makes it easy to split Zip files into smaller pieces. There are several reasons why you might want to split Zip files, such as:

  • To overcome e-mail size limits. Some e-mail systems limit the size of attachments; if you want to e-mail a large Zip file that exceeds your limit, you can split it into smaller parts and e-mail them separately.
  • As an alternative to spanned Zip files when you want to make multiple copies of the disk set.
  • As an alternative to spanned Zip files when you want to make the disk contents as a separate step from making the disks themselves.
  • To assist with large downloads. Some users may have difficulty downloading very large Zip files from web sites, FTP sites, etc. You can use the split Zip feature to break large files into smaller pieces that can be downloaded separately.
To split a Zip file, open the Zip file in WinZip. (If WinZip starts in Wizard mode, switch to the Classic interface by clicking the WinZip Classic button.) Then open the Actions menu and choose Split. Specify a filename and the size you want each part to be, then click OK.

E-mail features in WinZip

WinZip provides comprehensive, easy-to-use support for compressing and e-mailing files and folders:

  • Zip and E-Mail provides "one click" compression and mailing of files and folders from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Just select the files or folders you want to compress and e-mail, then click the menu entry; WinZip compresses the items you selected into a Zip file and attaches the Zip file to a new e-mail message, ready for you to address and send.
  • Zip and E-Mail Plus works like Zip and E-Mail but also allows you to specify the name of the Zip file and to add encryption if desired.
  • You can quickly e-mail the currently open archive by choosing "Send To...Mail Recipient" from WinZip's File menu.
  • Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail users, please be sure to try WinZip E-Mail Companion and enjoy the time-saving e-mail features it has to offer.

Secure your documents with 128- or 256-bit AES encryption

AES encryption gives you a way to protect sensitive documents contained in your archives using the advanced "AES" encryption technique. AES is the Advanced Encryption Standard, which is the result of a three-year competition sponsored by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards (NIST). This encryption method, also known as Rijndael, has been adopted by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard.

The contents of the files that you want to protect are encrypted by WinZip based on a password that you specify. In order for WinZip to later extract the original contents of the encrypted files, the correct password must again be supplied.

You can encrypt files with WinZip in two ways:

  • Encrypt files while you are adding them: simply check the Encrypt added files check box in the Add dialog. This is the most efficient way to encrypt your files.
  • Encrypt files already in a Zip file: open the Zip file using WinZip and choose Encrypt from the Actions menu; or, right click the Zip file in Windows Explorer and choose Encrypt from the WinZip context menu.
Please read about encryption in WinZip help.

WinZip can do more than just Zip files: other archive support

Although Zip is the dominant archive type on the Internet, there are many other archive and compressed file formats. WinZip supports many of these formats, including RAR, BZ2, TAR, gzip (What is gzip?), CAB, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, MIME, LHA, LZH, and others. Whatever the format of a file you've download from the Internet is, chances are good that WinZip will be able to help you work with it. Click here for more information on these other formats.

Easily zip and encrypt e-mail attachments with WinZip E-Mail Companion

WinZip E-Mail Companion is an easy-to-use, time saving tool that reduces the size of outgoing e-mail attachments and provides password-based AES encryption to protect confidential information contained in those attachments.

WinZip E-Mail Companion works seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail for Vista and is the perfect solution for reducing the complexity and time that it takes to send and receive large attachments via e-mail. Simply write your e-mail, attach your files, click Send and let WinZip E-Mail Companion do the rest. WinZip E-Mail Companion's file compression will ensure that your attachment is as small as possible and allow you to encrypt attachments that contain confidential information.

WinZip E-Mail Companion reduces e-mail transmission time for both sender and recipient, and if you have ever had an e-mail returned as undeliverable because the attachment was too large, you will know the value of smaller e-mail attachments. It also reduces the amount of disk space required to store those e-mail messages.

When sending confidential information as e-mail attachments, be sure to use WinZip E-Mail Companion's password-based AES encryption to ensure that only people that have your chosen password can view the information inside your attachments.

Automate repetitive tasks with the WinZip Command Line Support Add-On

The WinZip Command Line Support Add-On (free for registered users of WinZip Pro) gives you the power of WinZip without the WinZip graphical user interface. This add-on is ideal for quick zipping and unzipping from the command line and for automating repetitive tasks using batch (.BAT) files or scripts. An extensive set of command line options gives you pinpoint control over WinZip's actions. And, in automated environments, end-users don't need to know how to use WinZip. Please see the Add-On product page for more information.

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