Introducing WinZip Mac Edition

Zip, encrypt, and share files on your Mac!

WinZip—the world's leading file compression utility—has been reinvented for the Mac! Created specifically for Mac users, WinZip Mac Edition is a simple, powerful tool designed to help you compress and secure your files with the latest in file compression and encryption technology. Now you can zip and protect your files for swifter, safer sharing and smaller storage with this all-new, easy-to-use Mac tool backed by the best in the business!

WinZip Mac Edition 1.5 introduces new functionality and user interface enhancements to make it even easier to zip, encrypt, and share files on your Mac! This latest version offers extended support for compressed file formats, the ability to 'Zip & Burn' to CD/DVD, and the option to resize and compress image files for easier emailing and optimal viewing on standard computer screens.

Want to know more? See What's New in WinZip Mac Edition 1.5 or Download WinZip Mac Edition 1.5 and try it for yourself!

Zip/UnZip Files

Why Zip Files?

  • Save storage space!
  • Enjoy faster uploading/downloading times!
  • Organize and archive your data in small, manageable packages!

With WinZip Mac Edition's cutting-edge technology, you can:

  • zip and unzip files instantly using simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • open major compressed file formats
    (Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, WAR)
  • share zipped files between Mac and PC platforms
  • create WinZip's smallest Zip files to date (Zipx)

Mac Edition also provides extensive previewing functionality. Blending seamlessly with the Mac OS, WinZip Mac Edition takes advantage of Mac's Quick Look tool so you can browse the contents of a zipped folder before you decide whether to unzip it.


Encrypt Files

Why encrypt files?

  • Share confidential information with confidence!
  • Secure your archives from unauthorized changes!
  • Protect email attachments from unwanted access!

Working with confidential information? Did you know that when you zip a file, you can also apply password-protection to its contents? WinZip Mac Edition provides powerful AES encryption so you can protect files as you zip them. You can even apply a password to a single, specific file when adding it to a Zip file, without having to encrypt the Zip file's entire contents!


Zip and encrypt files and enjoy swifter, safer sharing and significantly smaller storage—
all with an easy-to-use Mac tool made just for you.

Get WinZip Mac Edition today!

WinZip Mac Edition—the power of WinZip reinvented for Mac users like you!