NEU! WinZip®22 Enterprise

Schützen Sie mit dem weltweit leistungsstärksten Komprimierungs- und Verschlüsselungsprogramm alle Informationen im Unternehmen.

  • Branchenführende Komprimierung, mit der sich einfach verwaltbare Dateien erzeugen lassen, die leicht zu speichern, zu versenden, zu empfangen und zu öffnen sind
  • Unübertroffene bankentaugliche Verschlüsselung unter Einhaltung aller wichtigen Standards, einschließlich FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197 und gemäß DFARS
  • Sicherer Austausch und Überwachung von Informationen auf den wichtigsten Geschäftsplattformen, wie z. B. SharePoint, Amazon S3, Office 365 für Unternehmen, Dropbox, Slack und Cloud-Dienste
  • NEUE unternehmensweite Kennwörter zum Schutz vor Datenverlust und leistungsstarke Unternehmenswerkzeuge für IT-Administratoren zur Steuerung des Zugriffs auf die Informationen und zur richtliniengemäßen Standardisierung der Protokolle

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  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 8 oder neuer

Powerful compression and encryption engine

WinZip 22 Enterprise includes a special version of WinZip 22 Pro, our premium file sharing application. WinZip 22 Pro Enterprise combines leading compression, encryption and backup with secure, streamlined sharing by email, cloud and instant messaging.

  • Zip: Compress large files and folders for easy sharing; make Zip and Zipx files even smaller with an enhanced zip engine
  • Unzip: Open more formats with support for the industry's widest selection of compressed file types, including 7Zip, BZ2, LHA/LZH, VHD, XZ and more. Easily unzip files locally or to the cloud
  • Encrypt: Stay current with the most recent federal standards with new support for FIPS 140-2 compliant 128- and 256-bit AES encryption; Automatically shred temporary copies of encrypted files after viewing them
  • Backup: Ensure information is preserved and protected with automated backup of documents, email, libraries and more. Back up directly to a connected cloud service. Create automatic backups, skip steps when settings do not need to be changed, and combine files from your PC, network and clouds in one backup. Drag and drop files from Explorer or the WinZip File pane into the Job Wizard for back up

Modern interface with integrated file management

The modern interface in WinZip 22 brings a new level of visibility and productivity to everything you do with your files. Easily change the interface to hide or display the most relevant features whether you are zipping or managing files.

  • Complete file management: Browse, copy, move, rename and delete files, and view file properties without leaving WinZip. The File Management ribbon offers instant access to many new features that let you do more with your files wherever they are—on your PC, network, HomeGroup or connected cloud services
  • Access files quickly: Access the most-used file management tools instantly with the Manage Files button. Pin favorite folders to the top level of the File pane or super picker for easy access. Easily remove files from the Frequent Folders list
  • Add a Network Location: Easily access a network location from another domain without leaving WinZip. Any network you have access to can be added to the WinZip File Pane, even if it is not included in the list of available networks in Windows under the Network folder
  • Access multiple accounts: Add and access up to 16 accounts per cloud or IM service, without having to log in and out depending on which accounts you want to use. Give the accounts unique names to distinguish them and enjoy easy access to your files for any of the many services supported by WinZip 22
  • Create individual Zip files: Now you have the flexibility to move selected files to individual zip files with optional encryption, making it easy to access just individual files rather than having a large, multi-file Zip to download when using your phone or tablet to access files in the cloud
  • NEW! Send What feature: Once you review or change the contents of your Zip and click Send selected files, or a sharing feature on the Action pane, you can now choose whether to send individually selected files or the entire Zip
  • Seamless zipping workflow: Quickly select local, network and cloud files to include in your zip, choose your encryption and conversion options, and share via email, clouds, IM or social sites with ease
  • Ease of use: Thumbnails make it easy to browse and find files in the Icon View. WinZip configurable settings are designed to be easier to find and adjust
  • Image Information in Preview Pane: Click the new Image Information button in the Preview Pane to view a dialog that includes height, width, pixels per inch, pixel depth/colors, file size and more
  • Built-in scanning: Scan and Share lets you start scanning right from WinZip. Scan multiple images into a single PDF with support for document feeder and flatbed scanners. Then WinZip can zip and save your scan locally, on the network or in the cloud. Or share it by email or IM with optional encryption to protect your information. Easily share receipts, documents, photos and more
  • Preview more files: Easily preview a selected file in your zip, on the computer or the network—and for any of your cloud services that support thumbnails. Preview the contents of images and documents, rotate and resize images, save images as your computer background, and share the previewed file by email, IM or social media. (Requires Windows Explorer Preview technology)
  • Background tools: WinZip reminds users about unused files in various folders or the recycle bin that can be securely deleted, zipped, or moved to the cloud to regain system space

Ready for next-generation computers

WinZip 22 Enterprise is designed with the latest devices and dual-use computers in mind.

  • Touch-friendly design: Work productively on almost any device with the touch-friendly interface; scroll through files in the Previewer with the flick of a finger and expand or revert the File pane by swiping
  • Optimized for dual-use computers: WinZip can switch its layout automatically depending on whether you are using your system in tablet or notebook mode
  • Three file manager views: Choose Tall Rows view or the new Table view to optimize your display for mouse/keyboard or the new Icon view for touchscreens
  • Optional scroll bars: Maximize display space on devices by auto-hiding scrollbars or choose to always show them when using WinZip on the desktop

Large file sharing by email

WinZip 22 Enterprise includes WinZip Courier 8 to bring file sharing power directly to your email.

  • Bypass email size limits: Zip large attachments to minimize delivery failure and bounce backs
  • Share via cloud services: For files that are still too large to email, Courier automatically uploads your file to any of your connected cloud services and adds a link to the file in your email
  • Secure your files: Easily add passwords and secure confidential attachments with powerful FIPS 140-certified AES encryption
  • Convert as you zip: Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF to share them with anyone. Add watermarks to images for added protection, and resize images for easier sharing
  • Works with Microsoft Office 2016: Easily zip, convert, encrypt and email directly from Microsoft Office 2016 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook
  • Supports Office 365: Work seamlessly with Office 365 web mail when used with any of the browsers supported by Courier
  • Convert a single attachment: Convert a Microsoft Office attachment to a PDF to share with anyone. Add a watermark to an image attachment for added protection, and resize an image attachment for easier sharing

Built-in email client

WinZip's email feature supports IMAP for Gmail and Outlook (Hotmail). It also supports Gmail's two-step authentication process. With a new Combined Address Book, you can now add contact information from your email accounts, local contact directories and social media services to quickly share directly from WinZip’s internal email client.

Works with instant messaging services

  • Share zipped files by IM: Offer employees the ease of high-speed sharing without compromising security with support for several instant messaging services, including Office 365 groups, Twitter IM, Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts and Jabber

Secure sharing in the cloud

WinZip combines the ease of cloud sharing with powerful security features to keep business information secure.

  • Support for leading cloud services: Zip and encrypt files, then upload them directly from WinZip to Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, CloudMe, SugarSync, MediaFire, ZipShare, SharePoint, Amazon S3 and Office 365 for Business
  • Manage cloud files in WinZip: Download, share, move, rename, unzip and delete files or folders on all your connected cloud services without leaving WinZip
  • Share links to cloud files: Use Cloud Links to easily obtain the link to the most recent file saved in the cloud, so you can share it in email, instant messages and more

Streamlined sharing

  • SmartShare: Select a file from your computer, cloud service or zip, then choose to share the file via IM, email or social media, and WinZip does the rest
  • Share from the Clipboard: Copy and paste a link from the Clipboard for sharing by Skype and other apps
  • Share from the Viewer: Share an image directly from the File Viewer to social media sites with just a click
  • Snap and Share: Get photos directly from your camera and share via WinZip
  • Share from Preview Pane: Share a file directly from the Preview Pane via email, IM, or social media with a simple click
  • Scan and Share: Scan documents, photos, receipts, etc. from your scanner into WinZip, then zip, encrypt, convert and share

Built-in file conversion

With more tools for file prep, WinZip minimizes your organization's need for additional file management software and helps employees get more done without having to move files between several applications.

  • PDF Conversion: Convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF as you zip them for added protection
  • Watermarking: Protect photos and PDFs by adding custom watermarks; add a time/date stamp and set the transparency and placement as you wish
  • Image resizing: Resize photos to more convenient sharing sizes without image editing software
  • Convert without zipping: Now, apply PDF, watermarking and resizing conversions and save the results to your computer, network, or the cloud, unzipped
  • Share converted files: This new option lets you share a converted file by email, IM, social media or the clipboard without saving it. The temporary file is deleted immediately after sharing

Enhanced productivity with WinZip Express

With WinZip Express, your employees can access WinZip features within the applications they use every day. WinZip 22 Enterprise includes WinZip Express for Office, Explorer, SharePoint, Scanner, and Photos, which offer streamlined access to compression, encryption, conversions and sharing options within a single dialog. Open WinZip Express from the File Pane or super picker for quick zipping and sharing.

Powerful enterprise controls

WinZip 22 Enterprise supports key business objectives, including improving employee productivity and enabling secure collaboration, while giving IT administrators the tools they need to manage sharing and maintain security.

  • Tailor your installation: Configure the WinZip MSI to enable or disable features upon installation according to your company's needs and policies, including administrative lockdown of encryption methods and password policies.
  • Control access to cloud services and social media: Enable access to all, some or none of the cloud and social sites supported by WinZip. Adjust access for individuals or groups depending on their needs.
  • Automate with WinZip Command Line: Use WinZip directly from the command prompt and from batch (.BAT) files and script languages to automate repetitive tasks.

Supports Virtual Image files

  • Work with Windows Virtual Image files: With WinZip 22, IT administrators can open a Virtual Image file the same way they open a Zip file. The read-only file allows administrators to view the content and extract files to any location. WinZip 22 Enterprise includes support for VHD files, including NTFS compressed files, and VMWare files.

Comprehensive installation and configuration guide

Written for IT administrators, this complete guide offers detailed instructions on configuring the WinZip MSI to support a highly customized installation of WinZip 22.

  • Step-by-step instructions: See how to configure WinZip, WinZip Express, WinZip Courier, conversion features, cloud access and more
  • Real-world scenarios: Read usage scenarios to create an installation plan that meets your organization's specific needs