PDF to BMP: How to Convert a PDF to a BMP File

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People who regularly work with PDF documents may want to convert these documents to formats such as BMP. Despite the numerous advantages of PDFs, one of the greatest demerits is that at most times, image quality is compromised to save on the size of the file.

Sometimes you may need to convert your PDFs into high-quality documents. Discover how to convert a PDF to a BMP using our simple guide.

What is BMP?

Bitmaps, commonly known as BMP files, are commonly used by photographers and graphic designers for their ability to save uncompressed pictures. If you want to turn your PDF document into a high-quality digital image, you should convert it to a BMP file.

Microsoft spearheaded the introduction of the BMP format into the market. Many people look for ways to convert their PDF documents to BMP files. The main reason is that when PDF files are converted to BMP format, data is not compressed. Because one does not have to compromise with quality, most people prefer their printable documents to remain in BMP format.

Even after being aware of all the benefits of having a BMP format, most people remain reluctant about converting their PDF files due to the lack of efficient converters and the unaffordability of available ones.

Use WinZip PDF Express to convert your file

WinZip PDF Express a very useful tool. Over the years, WinZip has grown in popularity and as a file management software, but it also includes PDF Express that is designed to edit and convert PDF files.

If you are looking to convert a PDF file to BMP, then follow these steps:

  1. Open WinZip PDF Express and open the menu from the top left
  2. Select Open… and select the PDF file(s) you want to convert
  3. From the same top menu select Save As… and select Images as the file type
  4. Select the location you want to store your BMP files and click Save


Converting your PDF document to a BMP file does not distort the quality of the document. This is why BMP files are larger than PDF files. If you want to retain the vibrant colors of your printout copies, it is advisable to use BMP format.

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