PDF to Image: How to Convert a PDF to an Image File

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PDFs can be used as a convenient way to send documents, especially by email. Largely, PDF is preferred due to its compatibility with a lot of applications and gadgets. However, there are occasions when these files need to be converted into more common image formats like JPG. For example, converting PDF to photo is essential if you want to scan the images, or you want to print the images.

To convert a PDF file into an image file, you need a third-party application. There are numerous applications that can do this task efficiently and quickly. You can download these third-party applications or use online applications to convert a PDF file into an image file.

Use WinZip PDF Express to convert PDF to an image

WinZip has carved a niche for itself as a data compression utility. The application is known for its superior speed and ease of use. Here comes another feather in the cap of WinZip—converting PDF files to image files.

Continuing to the newest version of WinZip PDF Express, this program now has many new features. It can now convert your PDF files to image file formats. The image file that has been created is much easier to share with others since it does not have any issues with compatibility.


Step 1. Open WinZip PDF Express (if you don’t have it installed then you can get it included with WinZip Pro.) And open the PDF file you want to convert. File > Open > Choose File

Step 2. With the file open in PDF Express you can convert it to an image by selecting File > Save As > ( also CTRL + SHIFT + S) in the Save as type drop-down select “Images (.bmp;*.jpg;*.png;*.tif)” and type the file formats, .jpg, png, etc... Select Save. (Note that each page will be converted into its own PDF).

Your PDF is now converted to an image. WinZip PDF Express has many features that make managing PDFs easy and convenient. And being included in WinZip Pro you get all of the file compression and file management capabilities that aren’t included with most PDF software.

WinZip PDF Express also allows you to compress your PDF files, decreasing the amount of storage space needed for them on your hard drive. It will also allow you to convert files that are not compatible with other programs. You can also combine multiple files to make it easier for you to share the information with others.


PDFs are a convenient way to send documents, but sometimes these files need to be converted into more common image formats like JPG. Whether you're looking to use the file as a background or design an invitation, having the knowledge on how to convert PDF to image is a must-have.

WinZip gives you more control of your file management than the other competitors. Now with powerful pdf software included with WinZip Pro you now have the ability to edit and convert pdfs with an easy-to-use interface.

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