Protecting data is essential, especially in today's digital climate. For effective file encryption, the best way is to utilize file encryption software, specially designed for this purpose. But what exactly is file encryption software, and how does it work? We’ll answer both of these questions in this article and give you tips on the best file encryption software to use.

What Is File Encryption Software?

File encryption software works to help secure computer data, like files and folders, from unauthorized use. It achieves this security level through cryptographic algorithms, which renders data unreadable if the correct password to unlock the files isn't provided. Companies of all sizes, including governments, rely on file encryption to secure their digital data, as well as the public. Secure encryption helps protect against data theft and loss, hiding sensitive information from anyone unauthorized to come across it.

How Does File Encryption Software Work?

You now understand the basics of what file encryption software is. But how does it work? The software scrambles the data within a file, translating it from plain text to a cipher or ciphertext. This encryption process renders the data unreadable, as the bits and bytes turn into a mysterious code. You must enter the right encryption key or password code to unscramble the data and return it from ciphertext to plain text. As you enter the correct password, the file is now accessible again, restored to its standard format.

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The Best File Encryption Software

There are many options for file encryption software online. Depending on if you want to encrypt your whole computer, an internal or external storage device, or individual files, there are different software for it.

The process of encrypting individual files and folders for secure storage and online transfer is the most common. That's why we will recommend the best file encryption software suited for this purpose.

You’ve probably heard of WinZip – the most popular compression tool in the world with over a billion downloads to back it up. You commonly use it to compress files and folders, swiftly reducing file size while providing a convenient way to store and send files.

WinZip features military-grade encryption with 256-bit AES, just a click away.

To apply encryption to your files and take advantage of lighter file weight and faster transfer speeds, follow the steps below:

How To Encrypt Files Fast In WinZip

  1. Open WinZip and click Encrypt in the Actions pane on your right side.
  2. Drag and drop your files to the center pane. Enter a password when the dialog box appears. Click OK.
  3. Click the Options tab in the Actions pane and choose Encryption Settings. Set the level of encryption and click Save.

Final Words

File encryption continues to be a vital part of internet security, not only for people like you and me, but also for large corporations, government, and military. Luckily, the encryption standards of today, especially AES, is here to meet the demand. And with the power of file encryption software, that power is all in your hands. Just remember to choose a secure password – and be sure not to forget it.

Download WinZip and Encrypt Files Today

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