Extract Text from a PDF: The Ultimate Guide

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PDFs are reliable for sending and receiving formatted files across platforms and people who don't use the same software. Situations may arise when you need to copy the text in the PDF file and use it elsewhere. You may want to use text from PDF on word processing documents, on web pages, PowerPoint presentations or apply it to desktop publishing software.

Depending on your needs and the security options in the individual PDF file, there are many options for extracting PDF text. Choose the option that works best for you. Here we outline the common and the most reliable option you should start using immediately. Let's dive in!

How to extract text from a PDF

The most common way people copy text from PDF is using the Adobe Reader from PDF developers, Adobe. However, there are better ways to extract your text.

Here is how to extract text from your PDF using WinZip PDF Express:

Step 1: Open your PDF file in PDF Express

Step 2: In the top menu select Save As…

Step 3: Select Document as the file format

Step 4: Choose the location you want to save to document to and select Save

Step 5: Your document has been saved and now has fully editable text

How WinZip can help you extract text

WinZip PDF Express is a feature included in the WinZip Pro. It offers the best solutions for editing your PDF effectively and using its powerful features to extract text and create other PDF files. With these features, you can add and delete pages, combine documents into a single PDF, extract text and images, secure and share the final file.

Users format the documents as they please, extracting part or entire text by using the menu options provided on the PDF Express. Avoid going through the struggle of taking screenshots or using several steps to copy text from PDF when you can do it in a few clicks using the PDF Express.

You can control what you do with the file as it allows you to convert PDF into editable documents. PDF Express uses multiple text fields and images to position your files correctly in Print View and Web View.

Wrapping up

WinZip is the world's leading Zip utility. With WinZip PDF Express, you enjoy using numerous features to make your PDF documents neat and safe for sharing. Explore the world of limitless PDF editing and creation with PDF Express.

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