Extract Pages from a PDF: The Ultimate Guide

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The increased use of PDF files requires more features to effectively edit, create, extract, and reorder pages. PDF remains one of the most common ways to share texts, various media, and images online. Users can remove pages from one PDF file to create another file and make it more effective. So, how do you extract pages from a PDF? Here are the details.

Why you may want to extract pages from a PDF file

Many people ask 'how do I extract pages from a PDF' for several reasons. There are situations when you need to create a cut-down version of a long PDF file to include only the relevant pages. There is no need to send someone a huge file when they only require a few pages.

Extracting the pages from a PDF file also helps you to reduce the file size. Therefore, you can share it easily via email, making it a handy bonus. You can remove any irrelevant pages that enlarge the file for no reason.

In business, you may need only a single page of a longer PDF document when:

  • Reporting projects for client approval
  • Sending information to your vendors for quotation or estimation
  • Give samples to your prospective customers.

How to extract pages from PDF

WinZip PDF Express is here to allow you to access WinZip's most popular features. You can easily extract pages, share files, and so much more. It suffices for all your organizational needs when you want to split files.

Whatever the reason, it would be best to use WinZip for a seamless and neat split.

You can split files with WinZip using the following steps:

Step 1: Open WinZip

Step 2: Select the file you wish to split using WinZip's file pane

Step 3: Click Add to Zip, then select the preferred split option

Step 4: Since it is a PDF, choose the pages you wish to extract to remove them. This is how to extract one page from a PDF in the simplest way.

Step 5: Save the file in your preferred location

The powerful extraction features make splitting PDF files a breeze. You can even compress, save, or share your files using the easy-to-use interface.

Although you can also use Adobe Acrobat to extract pages from a PDF file, WinZip PDF Express offers you more options to easily edit and read your files. You can create new files and edit them by including multiple images and documents into one single PDF.

After editing, the solutions allow you to scan the paper images if required, reorder or rotate individual pages, and delete those you may not need. Lastly, add watermarks or blank pages to your edited PDF file.

WinZip PDF Express also allows you to send locked PDF files or use digital certificate signing. Since it offers a much easier option to edit your files, you avoid tampering with your documents by digital signing.

 You can share files directly from WinZip using a Share Express dialog and send the file as an email attachment, store it in the cloud service and share a link to access it. Furthermore, you can send files as instant messages, copy them to the clipboard, and share them on social media platforms.


You can achieve greater editing and sharing power with WinZip PDF Express. It makes splitting large files easier than ever, allowing you to have the right tools to use whenever you need them. You will love the simplicity and ability to split large PDF files with simple steps using WinZip. You can visit WinZip to start 21-day trial or learn more about the services before you buy.

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