How to Make a PDF Editable: The Ultimate Guide

Since the introduction of PDF, they have become essentials in places of work and organizations. People prefer PDFs because of the convenience they bring and how cheap they are compared to physical books and papers. PDFs are readily available on many websites and on any subject you can think of.

Despite being a hit in terms of convenience and other benefits, PDF comes with a downside: they are unable to be edited. The non-editable future of PDFs is meant to make them more secure. However, there are scenarios where you want to update the PDF document, and you have to edit it.

What are PDFs?

PDF files, an abbreviation for portable document files, are one of the most widely used types of files in many setups. These files are always read-only and do not allow editing unless you use third-party software.

PDFs can have picture contents, tables, embedded fonts, hyperlinks, and so much more. PDF file format is used when you want to save files that cannot be edited or modified but still need to be shared and printed easily.

Opening PDF files require special software. The most used is Adobe reader. It is worth noting that once you save a file in PDF format, it cannot be edited unless you use third-party software.

Make a PDF editable with the right software

Editing PDFs can be done with the help of tools and software that are meant specifically for the task. You can edit a PDF by first converting the document to editable formats such as Word documents or PowerPoint formats, then editing and converting back to a PDF version.

For Mac users, Preview, the default tool for viewing photos, can be used to edit PDFs. This tool allows you to edit a PDF with its tools found by clicking on 'Tools' and selecting 'Annotate.' Once you reach this step, there are corresponding tools to use for formatting, changing fonts, and even colors.

Google Docs which are widely used as an alternative to Microsoft Word, also enable you to edit a PDF file. When you upload a PDF file to Google Drive, you can open it with Google Docs and use the corresponding tools for the functions you want. Google Docs enables you to insert tables, shapes, and images, write on the document, and change font size and type.

Other than the above-mentioned tools, there are other easily accessible tools that you can use to edit your PDF files. These tools are accessible online. They include

  • Easy PDF
  • Small pdf
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Use WinZip to edit your PDF

WinZip PDF Pro is a new tool from the WinZip company that will make editing PDF easier and faster. WinZip PDF Pro provides numerous options to edit PDF compared to other means, and with its user-friendly interface, it can be used by anyone. With this tool, you can format the PDF file and change its colors and fonts using the corresponding functions available within it.

When you have this tool, editing the file will include opening the tool, uploading your PDF, and using the editing functions available in the tool to add text or change font, or insert tables and images.


You can use the mentioned media to successfully edit a PDF if you have few files and have few changes to make. However, if you have a lot of files and you want detailed and thorough editing, using a tool like WinZip PDF pro is the way to go. Feel free to download the software and you will see how detailed you can edit a PDF of your choice.

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