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Windows XP Support

When running under Windows XP, WinZip operates as a native Windows XP program. There is no need to set compatibility mode.

XP-Style Toolbar
  • WinZip includes the following support for Windows XP themes:
    • Menus, buttons, controls, lists, and checklists conform to the current theme.
    • Shaded columns and XP-style sort arrows indicate the column by which the file list is sorted and the sort order.
    • Resizable dialogs use grippers matching the current theme.
    • Both the WinZip program itself and self-extracting Zip files created by WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition use "highest quality" XP-style color images and background blending for WinZip-related icons. This occurs wherever these icons are displayed by Windows Explorer or My Computer, as well as for WinZip's own toolbar icons.
    • Self-extractors created by WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition support XP themes when displaying dialogs and messages.
  • WinZip supports shared computers, including fast user switching: another user can log on and perform other operations (including using WinZip) while a long WinZip operation is being performed.
  • When running under Windows XP, WinZip's Favorite Zip Folders feature monitors XP's "Shared Documents" folder and its subfolders, making it easier to find Zip files created or stored by other users.

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