Maintenance Plan

Purchasing the annual WinZip Maintenance Plan for your Multi-User License is a smart choice.

For a small annual fee you will receive the following benefits during the term of the Plan:

  • Upgrades for all major releases of the covered software product, at no additional cost. Please note: security and service releases will be free to all registered users of the current version of the licensed software product.
  • Priority e-mail technical support. Your support e-mails will be immediately entered at the front of the support queue. This means your questions are answered faster.
  • The right to purchase additional licensed copies at a price based on WinZip Computing's standard price at the time of purchase of the additional copies, for the quantity range of your original covered WinZip software multi-user license.
  • The assurance that your WinZip software is always up-to-date through an automatically renewing subscription.