You Have Uninstalled an Outdated Version of WinZip

We see you uninstalled an older version of WinZip but did you know we recently released version 22?
Before leaving us altogether, why don’t you give WinZip 22 a test drive?

OS Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista

Reset your FREE 21-Day trial!

Here are some key capabilities we think you’ll love:

  • Faster zipping and unzipping: get your job done quickly.
  • Banking-level encryption: rest easy knowing your confidential files are secure.
  • Easily access your cloud accounts: add up to 16 accounts from the same cloud service
    (Pro version only).
  • Flexible File Management: access individual Zip files from a multi-file Zip.

If you aren’t ready to try WinZip 22, we are here to help you with your older version. Please email us at or visit our Knowledge Base.

Otherwise, can you tell us why you decided to uninstall? Did WinZip not do what you expected? Were you not able to perform a task? Your feedback will help us improve the product so we avoid this with other WinZip friends.